Giovedi 12/11/2015 – E’ morto ‘Philty Animal’ Taylor, il primo storico batterista dei Motorhead

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Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor
, mitico ex batterista dei Motorhead per 15 anni, è scomparso mercoledì 11 novembre all’età di 61 anni.

Fast Eddie Clark, storico ex-compagno nei Motorhead, ha pubblicato il seguente messaggio:

“Il mio caro amico e fratello è scomparso la scorsa notte. Si era ammalato da qualche tempo, ma questo non rende la cosa più facile ora.

Conosco Phil da quando aveva 21 anni ed era un vero personaggio. Fortunatamente abbiamo creato della gran musica insieme e ho tantissimi ricordi del nostro tempo insieme.

Riposa in pace Phil.”

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“Hello this is Lemmy from Motörhead. I’m feeling very sad at the moment, in fact devastated because one of my best friends died yesterday. I miss him already. His name was Phil Taylor, or Philthy Animal, and he was our drummer twice in our career. Now he’s died and it really pisses me off that they take somebody like him and leave George Bush alive. So muse on that. We’re still going, we’re still going strong, it’s just first Würzel and now Philthy, it’s a shame man. I think this rock n roll business might be bad for the human life. Oh well.”

Nato a Hasland, Chesterfield, nel ’54, Taylor subentrò allo sgabello a Lucas Fox, subito dopo la fondazione dei Motorhead, per poi venire sostituito prima da Pete Gill e poi da Mikkey Dee, attuale addetto ai tamburi del gruppo di “Ace of spades”: dopo essere stato licenziato dal suo gruppo, rimasto scontento della sua performance durante le session di “I ain’t no nice guy”, l’artista si unì – tra il 2005 e il 2008 – ai Web of Spider, progetto assemblato con il già collaboratore di Iggy Pop Whitey Kirst alla chitarra e Max Noce. Successivamente fu impegnato insieme ai Capricorn insieme a Todd Youth (ex Danzig), Phil Caivano (già frontman dei Monster Magnet) e Corey Parks, ex bassista delle Nashville Pussy. Già dato – erroneamente – per morto nel 2001, Taylor si unì ai suoi ex compagni per l’ultima volta il 6 novembre del 2014 alla National Indoor Arena di Birmingham per eseguire il classico dei Motorhead “Ace of spades”.

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Taylor played in MOTÖRHEAD from 1975 to 1984 and again from 1987 to 1992. He appeared on the band’s debut album, “On Parole”, and played on a further ten albums, including 1979’s “Bomber”, 1980’s “Ace Of Spades”, and 1982’s “Iron Fist”.

Taylor contributed to MOTÖRHEAD‘s 1992 album “March Or Die” but departed the band during the recording process. The album was completed by drummers Tommy Aldridge and current sticksman Mikkey Dee.

In a 1983 interview with Artist magazine, Taylor stated about his drumming approach in MOTÖRHEAD: “Well, once [MOTÖRHEAD bassist/vocalist] Lemmy starts playing, he’s sort of out there on his own, in a way. It’s something that came naturally; but when Robbo [Brian Robertson, guitar] joined the band, we started working it out a bit more. When Eddie was with the band, I played more with the guitar than I did with Lemmy, because he’s not really a bass player. Lemmy always plays so fast that it’s always been down to the guitarist and me to keep the rhythm and melody going. Lemmy is just non-stop playing all the time, so for the highs and lows of the numbers, the ups and downs, light and shade — whatever you want to call it — it’s basically down to Robbo and myself. I’d never played much before, so it’s probably a lot more difficult for Robbo than for me. He’d always played in bands that had a proper bass player, so to speak.”

Ultima apparizione di Phil e Eddie Fast Clarke coi Motorhead, Birmingham 2014


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